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For example, one jury might reject a lawyer presenting the mitigating factor that a college student found guilty of multiple charges of date rape would not be able to finish college if he went to prison.Or, for example, that a man found guilty of murder would have a hard time in prison because of his small size.Therefore, in criminal law, an aggravating factor is any circumstance related to the crime in question that somehow makes the crime itself worse.The phrase aggravating factor refers to any number of things including the manner in which the crime was committed, the reason or motivation behind the commission of the crime or the tool used to commit the crime.If you are convicted of a crime, any related aggravating factors could greatly increase your penalty.

The list of what can be considered an aggravating factor is determined by statue and as such varies widely by jurisdiction.Perhaps from their elevation they saw the railway, and it aggravated them.In his every scheme for a huge success I took now an aggravated delight."Yes, sir; an aggravated case," said I, using the phrase of the Sessions.Subsequent suspicious innuendoes had aggravated her feelings.

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Aggravating factors are any relevant circumstances, supported by the evidence presented during the trial, that makes the harshest penalty appropriate, in the judgment of the jurors or judge.

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