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“We became caught in the current,” reporter Katie Utehs said on that night’s broadcast, as a video showed the incident.

Even if we kickstart evolution with bacteria, the amount of time until we are capable of von Neumann probes is almost certainly too small for this to be relevant.

Also Saturday, a police officer struck an unidentified KTVU photographer with a baton.

The Press Club holds an annual Boot Camp for high school journalists.

It's an opportunity for students to learn the basics about reporting, editing, still photography, shooting video and other skills needed to put out a student publication. Police roughed up photographers for the Chronicle and KTVU Channel 2 during protests in Berkeley, the Chron reported.

Elle décroche la médaille d'argent aux Jeux olympiques de Séoul en 1988.

Sabatini commence le tennis à l'âge de 6 ans et remporte son premier tournoi à l'âge de 8 ans.

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