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The group is fully owned and managed by locally based skilled radiologists and physicians.

Using the most advanced technology for medical imaging and radiology.

We value hearing from our patients about ways to improve the quality of our care.

It is through listening to our patients and referrers that we continue to provide the highest standards of service and patient care.

CIG also invests heavily in staff development and education, and has constructed industry leading teaching programs.

Please refer to our Quality of Care page for more information.

Two expressions which have the same referent are said to be co-referential.

The next meaning, which appears to stand in opposition to the previous meaning, as well as to the meaning implied by the etymology, is nonetheless the one which has gained currency: "that to which something [particularly a word or expression] has reference".

page=index&level=login header, which is already good from a privacy point of view, since it will hide the exact page the user is in.

Update: If you want to remove the referrer by using Java Script only, you may add the appropriate meta tag dynamically just before making the Ajax request.

This sense is first recorded in Ogden and Richards' The Meaning of Meaning (1923; see further below); the OED also lists numerous subsequent examples of that usage.

In logic, the word referent is sometimes used to denote one of the two objects participating in a relation, the other being called the relatum.

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