Or out on a date with a woman, and you wanted to kiss her, but you got so nervous at the thought that you just decided it would be better to forget the whole idea and hope for the best...? I'm sure you know that most guys would rather admit in public that they were unsure about their sexual orientation than that they were afraid of women.Of course, this unwillingness to admit that you have a problem IN THE FIRST PLACE only makes matters worse...And how do you know the difference when it's happening... On the other hand, if you say, "Hi, I realize that you're probably shy because you get no attention from men...when your friend runs up and pushes you down, then jumps on you and tries to pin you? It's obvious to humans (and other animals, by the way) when someone is "playing" and when they're serious. If you start talking to a woman and say, "Hi, you're very pretty. so I thought I'd come over here and pay attention to you..." it's OBVIOUS that you're not being serious. By the way, flirting IS NOT simply telling jokes, or trying to be "cute".

You must always remember that ATTRACTION isn't logical. Here's a cocky statement:"Her dress makes her look fat." Here's a Cocky Funny statement:"If she doesn't find a dress that fits better, the fashion police are going to send in the SWAT team for her ass." Get it? Women are attracted to "alpha male" types - We all know that. If you meet an attractive woman, and IMMEDIATELY start giving her a hard time about something, busting on her, and having fun, it basically says to her: "You are interesting enough to talk to, but you're going to have to do a lot more than just look good to impress me.Would you like to learn how to MASTER the technique, and create SUPER attraction with women?If so, then I want you to take a minute and look at THIS: Double Your Dating ATTENTION "NICE GUYS": If you are a "nice guy" who never seems to be able to attract HOT women, or you have attractive female friends who always seem to say, "He's really wonderful, but I just like him as a FRIEND", then this could possibly be the single most important thing you ever read in your entire life. Being a WUSS comes in two main flavors: 1) Acting like a WUSSY to begin with. I would venture to guess that most men either act like WUSSIES with women they're attracted to ALL the time, or they turn into WUSSIES within a few weeks or months of meeting a woman that they REALLY like. What the heck should being a Wuss have to do with attracting women? Let's review a few of the most important concepts to remember when it comes to attracting women: 1) ATTRACTION ISN'T A CHOICE. And you can't "convince" someone to FEEL this powerful emotion. When you think about the concept of being emotionally attracted to another person, it only "makes sense" that you should feel attracted to good qualities like "niceness" and "honesty" and "loyalty", right? We all know that attractive women seem to date a lot of abusive jerks... Double Your Dating -------------------------------------------------- NOTE: All of my different programs for learning how to meet and attract women can be found here: If I had to sum up the biggest mistake that I see men making with women (and the big mistake that I've made myself too many times to count), it's being a WUSSY. The things that we are ATTRACTED to don't make "logical sense" when you look at them.

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