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On the eve of her 87th birthday, Ruth Westheimer is still talking about sex. We are going to lose the ability to have a good conversation.

In her new memoir — her second — called “The Doctor Is In,” Westheimer shares a bit about her own romantic entanglements. If you have sex with your partner, and the woman thinks about a whole football team in bed with her, that’s okay, but keep your mouth shut about it. Questions have been raised about your comments this week on the Diane Rehm Show about when it’s appropriate for a woman to say no to a man. Loud and clear: In the Jewish tradition, it says that if that part of the male anatomy is aroused, the brain flies out of the head.

But both parents and educators seem to focus on abstinence, how not to get pregnant or how to avoid a sexually transmitted disease.

In doing so, parents are missing out on having important conversations about how to love and be loved.

“As a four-foot-seven woman, I would have been turned away by any self-respecting army anywhere else in the world,” she writes, “but I had other qualities that made me a valuable guerrilla.” Among them, “a knack for putting bullets exactly where I want them to go.” Dr. We know that girls menstruate at an earlier age so we have an obligation to give sex education. Parents have to be an “askable parent” so that a child can ask those questions and get correct information. She has no business in bed with him, and he has no business in bed with her if they don’t have an understanding that they will have sex.

Ruth — twice divorced and a widow — teaches at Columbia, has a strong presence on social media (85,000 followers @Ask Dr Ruth), and in the summer will publish, with her co-writer, Pierre Lehu, a children’s book, “Leopold,” about a turtle who overcomes its fears. You mention in your book that you once thought you were too short to get pregnant.

Her first boyfriend was nicknamed Putz, she tells us, and she lost her virginity on a kibbutz (not to Putz). I want people to have a relationship before they have sex. It also says a man doesn’t have enough blood for two heads. If a man and a woman — or two men and two women — are naked in bed together, there is no way that, in the middle, he or she can say, “I changed my mind” and leave.

As a young patient at a hospital in then-Palestine, Westheimer dishes, she had a “brief but intense love affair” with a male nurse. Ruth: At age 10, Westheimer was taken on a from Germany to an orphanage in Switzerland. Later, she trained to be a sniper in the paramilitary organization Haganah. I think people have to take the responsibility that if they are in bed together, they are willing to have some kind of sexual experience.

Versions of this app apk available with us: 2.0 , 1.0 .Our biggest goal is to create dialogue and resources that are sex-positive, intersectional, and catered towards marginalized people. Email us: Lex has done so many radical things that they are taking a moment to write them down. Emmett (he, him, his) is a queer & trans health activist.He is a recent graduate of American University, where he studied Public Health and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies.In a phone interview from her office in New York, she talked about her books, her philosophy and (a bit) about her personal life. What are some of the myths about sex that continue to plague people? Until we get scientifically validated data that there’s something like a G-spot, we shouldn’t worry about it. (This interview has been edited for length and clarity.) How have people’s problems changed since you began offering sex advice in the early 1980s? Women in this great country have learned that they must take responsibility for their sexual satisfaction. And there are plenty of other myths that still need to be buried. I do remember as a girl in Frankfurt — so I was less than 10 — a girl explained to me she was menstruating.

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His work in LGBTQ health is rooted in community health education, specifically for trans & non-binary people and their medical providers.

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