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Thus, any executable files that you download to your PC should be scanned for viruses before opening - even if you think it is from a reputable source.EXE errors, such as those associated with pg2.exe, most often occur during computer startup, program startup, or while trying to use a specific function in your program (eg. The most common pg2errors that can appear on a Windows-based computer are: These EXE error messages can appear during program installation, while a pg2.exe-related software program (eg.The following executables are installed alongside Peer Guardian 2.0.They take about 2.82 MB ( Peer Guardian 2.0 is an application marketed by Methlabs Productions.Peer Guardian 2 is Open Source, meaning the program code is available online for anyone who wants it.Not only does this allow you to make modifications or even branch off into your own project, but it encourages peer review of the code making sure any bugs are eliminated swiftly.More information about Peer Guardian 2.0 can be found at

Further information on Methlabs Productions can be found here.It shipped with various lists, a P2P list for example, that you could use to block company IP addresses associated with copyrights holders, media companies and companies that were known to record P2P traffic.Developer stopped and Peer Block took over for the time being, but this too stopped eventually and back in 2009 no alternative was available that offered continuous development and new features.Pg2is a type of EXE file associated with Peer Guardian 2 developed by Windows Software Developer for the Windows Operating System.The latest known version of Pg2is, which was produced for Windows.

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PG2 is not yet available to the general public, but some have been lucky enough to get a copy of the latest testing beta's of the software.

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