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You can only disable the default Property Grid by setting the Enable property to false, but then a user won't be able to fully inspect all the properties of the selected object.

The way to go is to add the class-level Read Only Attri­bute, which is provided by . The main problem is how to add and remove class-level Read Only attribute to an object at runtime.

If I change Value A in the designer, Value A is being set correctly, but Value B's attribute is not being updated.

Both properties store their values in viewstate as View State["Value A"] and View State["Value B"].It is possible, for example, to categorize properties, set up a complete tree-hierarchy, add more than two columns, and set arbitrary per-property attributes.As this version of wx Property Grid has some backward-incompatible changes from version 1.4, everybody who need to maintain custom property classes should carefully read final section in Changes from wx Property Grid 1.4. Only the first function argument (label) is mandatory.Otherwise toolbar buttons might not be added properly.Note Splitter position cannot exceed grid size, and therefore setting it during form creation may fail as initial grid size is often smaller than desired splitter position, especially when sizers are being used.

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