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Moving a generation forward, the weird factor of this movie is similar to Billy Madison, so if you were a fan of that movie, you'd probably like this (more family friendly) movie.

The extremity to which this "kid" goes to get his way, and the creepy stuff he says, work for the movie because the "child" is actually an adult actor.

You'll be familiar with their hooks and jingles long after you forget the faces behind them.

Not to be confused with O-Town, Crazy Town from Los Angeles, California was formed by Shifty Shellshok and Epic Mazur, who've been rapping together since they were kids.

Others leave nothing more than wedding band favorites and long lasting punchlines. It could only be assumed that the one-and-done leaves artists with a lifetime fortune, but that isn't the case most of the time.

More times than not, the 15 minutes of fame is just that.

Wanting to start a rock band they rounded up two guitar players, Anthony Valli and Rust Epique and bass player Faydoe Deelay.

When Crazy Town first started out they called themselves the Brimstone Sluggers.

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Revenue streams include movies, video games, advertisements and (once upon a time) ringtones.

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